1. Certificate of Excellence - Art Horizons
Leading International Competition, New York (1988)

2. Golden Valley Art Center Marysville,CA
"Exploration" Second Place (Oct.1992)
"One way" First Place (Sept.1994)

3. Member Jury Show,Mendocino, CA
"Mendocino Inspiration" First Place (June30-July,2004)

4. Upstream People Gallery 10th Annual Art Exhibition
Contemporary Art Juried Online International Art Exhibition
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION - "The wheel of fortune"
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION - "Chinese wisdom"

5. 2008 California State Fair- "My Two beautiful Cities" - "Award of Excellence"

6. Upstream People Gallery -10TH Annual Summer
All Media International Juried Online
International Art Exhibition
SPECIAL RECOGNITION - "Escaping from tunnels"

7. University Art 2008 Open Art Competition.Ca.
Mixed Media "My Destiny" - 3rd Place.
8. The 4th annual Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition Online .Sept.2008."Chinese wisdom "-collage on canvas .FINALIST.

9.National Collage Society Award for "My Lovely Twin Cities" in Nov.2008-24th National Collage Society Juried Exhibit.

10.Upstream People Gallery - 11th Annual
All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition.
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION "I like you old Roseville"-Collage on Canvas
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION "Two Loveable Cities"-Collage on Canvas
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION "Wonderful Capitol City"-Collage on Canvas

11.Santa Cruz Art League.Altogether:Collage/Assemblage
"I like you old Roseville"-Honorable Mention

12.Blue Line Gallery.Roseville Arts! Celebrating Roseville:
A Centennial Exhibit. "I like historic Roseville"
Third Place

13.2009 California State Fair "Two Loveable Cities"
Collage on Cenvas."Award of Excellence"

14.Upstream People Gallery- 12th Annual Contemporary Art
Juried Online International Art Exhibition.
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION "Lincoln and Lincoln"-Collage on Canvas
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION "Monterey Clocks"-Collage on Canvas
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION "Musicians Hands"-Collage on Canvas
.SPECIAL RECOGNITION "The Sweet Home"-Collage on Canvas

15.Sacramento County Fair,Sacramento. CA.
"Image of Sacramento"-Collage on Canvas.Best of Division.First Place
"Politician and Birds"-Collage on Canvas.Second Place
"The Sweet Home"-Collage on Cavas.Second Place

16.Roseville Arts First Annual Juried Membership Exhibition.Roseville,CA
"Mendocino Inspiration"-Third Place

17.2010 California State Fair-"Monterey Clocks"-Award of Merit

18.Participation in the book - Art Buzz,The 2011 collection.
Annual Fine Art Search & Worldwide Juried Competition- with the result published in Art Buzz the Collection Volume 4 and awarded Honorable Mention in Mixed Media .
Collage on canvas -"Open Safe".(Nov.-06-2010).

19.Sacramento County Fair,Sacramento, CA
"The Two Seagulls"-Collage on Canvas. Best of Division. First Place.
"Why that door is open "-Collage on Canvas.Third place.

20.Upstream People Gallery.13th Annual Collage,Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition.
Collage on Canvas ;"Second Chance"-SPECIAL RECOGNITION

21.2011 "Abstract 3" Art Contest - gallery at My Art & Artist Portfolio Magazine-Abstracts Issue(June/July2011)-digital online magazine." Water Mill "-Collage on Canvas.SECOND PLACE.
22. 2011 Art Kudos International Juried Art Online Exhibition ( Aug.15-Aug.15,2012).Collage on canvas:
" Open Safe "-FINALIST.

23.Participation in the book- Art Buzz,The 2012 colllection.Annual Fine Art Search & Worldwide Juried Competiton-with the result published in Art Buzz the Collection Volume 5 and awarded Third Place in Mixed Media.
Collage on canvas ;"Bucket with Horseshoes",
"Private Property".(Nov.-11-2012).

24.2012 California State Fair-"Passing Train". Award of Merit.

25.Participation in the book-Art Buzz,The 2013 collection.
Annual Fine Art Search & Worldwide Juried Competition-with
the result published in Art Buzz the Collection Volume 6 and awarded Honorable Mention in Photography.
Digital photography;"Old Piano".

25.Leading Artists On-line Gallery Art competition/Art exhibition
"Abstract Expressionism".Mixed Media;"Dream Place". Honorable Mention Award.

26.Upstream People Gallery-15th Annual Collage ,Digital&
Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition.
Special Recognition: "Beverly Hills Show".
Special Recognition: "Hollywood Attractions".
27.Arts & Crafts Contents Online Gallery. Art contest :" Color ,Line & Form ".FIRST PLACE - Mixed media on canvas:
"Flight Sacramento -New York ".( March-June,2014).
28.Acrylic Works 2: "Radical breakthroughs" . Published by North light books -2014.Acrylic on canvas: " Trip to Arizona "-FINALIST .
29.The third edition of Incite: "The best of mixed media " to " The Art of storytelling ".Published by North light books-2015.Mixed media on canvas: " French connection "-FINALIST .
30.ArtSlant -Contemporary Art Network. Winner in the 2nd 2015 Showcase competition. Mixed media on canvas: "San Diego Nights".
31.2015 California State Fair : " Marathon in Sacramento ".
32.ArtSlant - Contemporary Art Network .Winner in the 5th
2015 Showcase competition .Mixed media on canvas : "Hidden
Picture ".
33.National Collage Society -" The 31st Annual Juried Exhibit
Award Winner " - 2015 .Collage on canvas : "Marathon in Sacramento ".
34."National All Media Juried Exhibition". Chico Art Center .Mixed Media on canvas : " Ice Cubes "," Melting Iceberg "- ( Aug.05-Sept.02,2016)-FINALIST . 35.Las Vegas International Juried Art Competition 2016.
Jana's Red Room Gallery in Las Vegas, NV .
" The Red Brush Award " - Mixed Media : " Melting Iceberg".
( Sept.01,2016 to Sept.30,2016 ).
36." The National Collage Society, INC.,32nd Annual Juried
Exhibit -2016 .Downtown Gallery ,The School of Art Collection and Galleries .
Kent State University. Ohio. Collage on canvas : " Salsa
Dancing ". ( Sept.29-Oct.29,2016 ).- FINALIST.

37.Summer 2016 competition. " Art Scene Today "International
Juried Exhibition - Online ,theme: " Bad Art". Acrylic on
canvas : " Nocturne 1"- FINALIST .
38.Placer Artists League .Fine Art Competition and Exhibition -2017.General Gomez Art and Event Center. Auburn.CA .Mixed Media on canvas : " The Autumn colors "-FINALIST.
39." 62nd Annual Open International Exhibition Bold Exhibition -2017 " . Sacramento Fine Arts Center.
Mixed Media on canvas : "Under the Sea No.9".-FINALIST
40."CERTIFICATE of EXCELLENCE"-"27th ARTAVITA online art contest " -June 01,2018 .Mixed media: " Under the Sea No.22"
41."Art& Beyond " Online Magazine -Fall 2020 ( October -December ).Publisher- Mila Ryk.The Publisher Choice Awards .Mixed Media on canvas : " Black Forest " 18"x36"x1.5" and "Straight Forward " -18"x24"x1.5".
42.ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY ." 6TH Abstract International Juried Art Competition "-Online. Mixed Media :" Call me Back " -TALENT PRIZE AWARD . ( July-August,2022 ).
43."Finalist Certificate "-For artwork submitted &distinguished in "The 61th International Artavita Online Art Contest ",competing for participation at Artexpo New York, April 4-7,2024 . Awarded by Despina Tunberg -Director of Artavita Online Gallery .
California ,October 2023
44. " The 12the Abstract Art Competition .International Juried Art Competition". (June-July 2024 ).Online Exhibition. Teravarna Art Gallery..Mixed Media on canvas :"My Life is Simple " -30"x24"x1.5". "Orange Trees " -48"x48"x1.5" ."Positive Morning Vibes ". 30"x40"x1.5"
Finalist Award .