HALINA DOMANSKI of Yuba City, California is a master at the collage technique. Quite successful is her arrangement called "I Like You Old Roseville" with juxtaposed parts of buildings and signs such as Welcome and Historic Route with street numbers,a U.S. Flag and street clock.The gold,yellow,red-orange and green color changes are perfectly placed.Another fine piece is "Two Loveable Cities" with the obvious ladder centrally located with other parts of the city carefully placed with the open space in the upper left.Also "Wonderful Capitol City" works quite well in the warm tonality with the openness at the top.

Professor of Art University of Nebraska at Omaha,Curator of Upstream People Gallery

Dear Halina:
It was a pleasure meeting you this evening.I visited your website and found it to be one of the best I have ever seen;simply a feast for the eyes.

Roberto V. Illa M.D.


HALINA DOMANSKI of Yuba City,California has some very special works."Chinese Wisdom" is rich in warm colors and ambitious textural treatment with the word partner giving the idea of interrelationships."The Wheel of Fortune" is a masterful accomplishment of abstraction that gives a play of depth and surface with a kind of energy felt in the wheel motif repeated giving a kind of implied kineticism.

Professor of Art University of Nebraska at Omaha,Curator of Upstream People Gallery


National Collage Society 24th Annual Juried Exhibit:

"My Lovely Twin Cities"

I was drawn to works that embody a sense of mystery,intrigue,synthesis,and cohesive fusion of the elements and materials.

Camille Rendal
Chair,Department of Art

Martin Ball: Professor of Art,Kent State University,Kent Ohio

Anderson Turner:Director of Kent State University Galleries

Diane Scilia,PhD:Art History Professor,Kent State University


I was art docent at the State Fair and was most pleased to see you had received a very special award.Congratulations!!! Keep working.Your work is unique and beautiful. Jeri


Halina Domanski "Two Loveable Cities",a mixed media collage,which I loved! This is one of those works one can look at for hours,discovering something new in every square inch-local viewers will delight in seeing references to historic Marysville,"Sutter" carved into the clouds, and other such snippets,as well as a Polish postage stamp alongside an American flag,photos,buttons,plaster,ribbon,fabric, a ladder,an unlikely soaring pheasant,and more...

The Gold Country Times
By James E.Roberts


Dear Halina
Congratulations,your work has been accepted into book "Art Buzz,The 2011 Collection"!Thank you and congratulations once again on your excellent work.

Alan Rowe,editor
Art Buzz

I love your paintings and collages.Do you give art classes?...

Louise Taibi

We are at Saatchi Online love your work !

Zoe LaPlace

Congratulations on the quality of your work.

Jonathan Talbot-Painter and collage artist.

We are glad that you chose to be such a valuable part of this commiunity of talented artists! Keep your brushes wet and your pencils sharp!

-Artist's Magazine Competitions Staff

Viewing each of your collages is like listing to an entire
conversation.Love back and forth between objects.


Am Amakai Quayaye an African artist from Ghana,and am
so so touched and inspired by your artwork.

Amakai Quaye

I find your Artwork really interesting and amazing.
I'll keep you updated about our initiatives with the
Italian and Internatinal Art Critic Vittorio Sgarbi.
Thank you very much and congratulations for your
artistic job .

Letizia Lanzarotti.

Halina Domanski has a special way with abstraction.
Her mixed media piece :" Beverly Hills Show "is full of
painterly qualities with strong red, white and black
and diagonal direction which shows well. And " Hollywood
Attractions" is also strong with the expressive orchestration of red ,green, yellow and black areas (or attractions).

Larry Bradshaw.
Professor of Art University of Nebraska at Omaha.
Curator of Upstream People Gallery.

" Beautiful work !"
Renee Mendoza.

" There was lots of amazing artwork to choose from, but yours stood out from the crowd .We're honored to feature your work in our upcoming magazine ! "

Ingrid M. Reeve
Artist Portfolio Magazine.
My Art Contest.

" Congratulations on winning FIRST PLACE in our Art Contest
"COLOR ,LINE & FORM".As our FIRST PLACE winner you are being giving the Cover Image & four page spread of Artist's
Profile Press Release in our online" Anthology of Contemporary Visual Arts & Crafts" (release date : July 2014).Congratulations once again ,we have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing your incredible work ."

Best Wishes,
Arteziana Team.

" Just want to let you know your wonderful work is featured on Artshow.com's homepage this month."

Robert Anderson

" I was able to see your work of art from your website and
I must say that your work is fascinating and vivacious, it
show that you took your time to perfect its creation ".

James Harrison

" Thank you for this amazing year ! we're overjoyed to have
you as part of the "artatart" community. Your wonderful
work has been enthralling to view since the you joined.
We are eagerly waiting for your 2015 artworks ! "

Creative artworks on ArtatArt.
Nasim Mohammadi

"I absolutely fell in love with one of your paintings that
you have in downtown Chico . I just want to tell you how
gorgeous your work is! I love that painting, it is amazing !!

Tracey Davidson -Paradise.CA

" On behalf of chief curator Rebecca Wilson and the Saatchi
team ,I'm very please to let you know that your work has been chosen to be featured in the New This Week 4-11-2016 Collection on Saatchi Art's homepage .

Jessica McQueen

" My name is Carmen, an artist from Raleigh ,NC.
I love your artwork ".

Carmen Guedez
I won your -" Under the Sea No.24" painting at the " Lottery for the Arts "event at the Blue Line the other evening. I absolutely love it !

CK -gallery owner in Sacramento .
Catherina Kleckner.

"Always a pleasure talking to you and buying your beautiful
pieces. You are so talented and I am so lucky to have found you ."

Barbara Sandoval - Los Angeles .CA

" I love your work ! Your work is really strong!
I'm so impressed !! "

Lorrie Kempf -curator for the Sacramento office of Arts and Culture's Art in Public Places .The City Hall gallery ,SMUD.

Lorrie Kempf Aug.11-2022

"Have actually been going looking at your work ,they are absolutely amazing and I'll love to work with you .

Robert P.P July -26-2023

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep ."

Audrey .C. Ethan
Houston, Texas . Oct.-28-2023

"Had your artwork pop up on my explorer and truth be told this is such an amazing piece of art ( " My Sunshine " )
I certainly would like to purchase your art collection as an NFT collector".

Henry William Oct.-28-2023

" So pretty ! And it a great composition ! You could do it a
hundred times and they'd all look different ,and be beautiful .I am interested in your artwork and I want to
purchase some of your art ,and also is this piece (" Orange
Trees ") for sale ?"

Jalf Gift Tops. Dec.-02-2023

" I'll love to buy some of your amazing artworks and add to my collections".

William Lathebo - NFT COLLECTOR . Dec.-28-2023

"Hello Mate !!! Sorry for the random approach I was going
through your page and you have some clean artworks PICS ...
I will love to buy a collection of your artworks as an NFT
collector ".

Elizabeth Berry
London .United Kingdom Dec.-29-2023

" Your artwork's are really amazing .I'd love to buy some as
NFT ."

Thomas Smith
Florida Dec.-29-2023

"I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I admire your artistic skills .Your work is incredibly creative
and it's evident that you pour your heart and soul into
every piece .Your unique style is captivating and always
look forward to seeing what you create next ".

Mark William Chris Dec.-29-2023

" Hello your artwork really looks amazing dear an astonished
by this beautiful artwork of yours how you take so much
time to create this beautiful artworks of yours I guess you are talented and really hard working artist ."

Anita Stack April -10-2024
Austin .Texas

"You're doing a great job! I love your work, your style
amazes me and they're truly beautiful."

Antonio Malaggese April-14-2024
Mammoth Lakes .CA

"I went through your profile ,and I think I fell in love with your artwork ."

Antonio Malaggese April -15-2024
Mammoth Lakes.CA

" Hi, I am interested in this beautiful art piece and will like to add it to my collection ".

Scott Hanson
CEO at NFT trading platform company.
Miami Florida May -07-2024